What is a Developmental Educator?

Developmental Educators are multi-disciplinary disability specialists with expertise in fostering the skills, independence and quality of life of individuals with developmental and/or acquired disabilities. As allied health professionals, Developmental Educators (also referred to as DE’s) have a practical approach and work holistically across the life span to address issues which may affect the function, independence and social inclusion of individuals with disability, their families and carers.

Developmental Educators implement and develop methodologies that enable the application of effective strategies to support the individual developmental learning goals of people who experience challenges such as acquired brain injury, physical and neurological disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, and other disabilities. Developmental Educators also work closely with families and caregivers, and other allied health professionals who may be involved in the support of an individual.

What training do Developmental Educators need?
What are the skills of a Developmental Educator?
Where are Developmental Educators employed?
A short video explaining the profession of Developmental Education was developed by Disability and Community Inclusion at Flinders University, which can be viewed below:

The DEAI has developed two posters to promote the skills of a Developmental Educator; please feel free to display and distribute these.

Developmental Educator Profile DE profile for parents and people with a disability