Accessible Information and Easy English

Access Easy English – interprets documents into simple everyday language, supported with images.

Accessible Information: Easy English and Plain Language –  Scope Victoria is passionate about making written information accessible to people with low English literacy, including people with intellectual disability and CALD backgrounds.

Hearing Access Protoco – Ideas for Ears in the UK has developed the Hearing Access Protocol for meetings and events. The protocol provides guidance on how to run meetings and events so people with any hearing ability can hear and follow them. The protocol was developed by people with hearing loss.

Willing to Work (Example of Easy Read Material) – A report from the Australian Human Rights Commission contains all the necessary information for understanding unless you need very specific detail. The non-easy read version of the report was released in 2016.

Accessible written information – This Research to Action Guide will assist people and organisations that want to prepare written information in an accessible way, and in particular information for people with intellectual disability (Centre for Applied Disability Research).

Side by Side: A guide for people wanting support to make decisions – This guide contains step-by-step instructions, an easy English fact sheet, and the forms to appoint a medical support person and supportive attorney. Office of the Public Advocate, Vic, 2018).

A Guide to Breast Health – SA Health. A pictorial resource booklet that has been adapted from BreastScreen WA, to assist women with low literacy, sight impairment, intellectual disability and their families and carers to be aware of the importance of breast health and regular breast screening.

Accessible written information resources for adults with intellectual disability: compiling the evidence to inform good practice. Preparing accessible written information resources for adults with intellectual disability: a systematic review of the evidence base, and an analysis of its implications for practice, 2017.

We Can Help – Multi-access legal assistance video – The information in this film is delivered verbally, in Auslan and with subtitles. Notably, the film caters to people who have difficulty processing large amounts of visual information. The film is shot simply in black-and-white, edited at a very measured pace, and presents information clearly with minimal distractions.

Rights on Show – a resource about legal rights and the criminal justice system. It was created for people with intellectual disability, cognitive impairment and complex communication needs. The resource includes photo stories and easy read English fact sheets. South Australian laws regarding communication assistance in police interviews is demonstrated for the first time. Created by the Legal Services Commission and SAPOL.

Easy Read legal help: The Legal Services Commission has many resources available to download or read online. e.g., ‘Laws to protect people from abuse’, ‘Free legal help flip book’, and ‘Legal help Easy Read guide’.

Your rights when you buy something – Easy Read – The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released a guide that explains your consumer rights when you buy something and the steps you can take to resolve problems. It is written in an Easy Read format that is more accessible for people who have difficulty reading and understanding complex information.

Disability Discrimination Act, 25th Anniversary Easy Read Version – To celebrate the Disability Discrimination Act’s 25th anniversary, the Council for Intellectual Disability in NSW has released a new guide to the Act in Easy Read. Easy Read presents information using easy words in lots of white space with supporting graphics.

Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide – The guide was created by Media Access Australia (MAA) to provide guidance on how best to accommodate and interact with people who have a cognitive disability. This new booklet is a companion piece to the ‘Service Providers Accessibility Guide’ from late 2015.

Easy Read guide to breast health: A Guide to Breast Health is an easy read booklet for women with low literacy, sight impairment or intellectual disability, along with families and carers. The booklet helps women learn about the importance of breast health and regular breast screening. It covers breast awareness, clinical breast examination and mammography screening. – Scope can help organisations develop documents that are designed specifically for people with reading difficulties.

Changes to copyright: The Australian Copyright Council has introduced an information sheet outlining changes to the Copyright Act to ensure that persons with disability are getting fully accessible information.

Health videos using Auslan: Health information in Auslan is available from the Victorian Government. Topics include raising children, diabetes information and dispute resolution.