Families and Carers Resources

Supporting children in families with complex needs: Nine tips for practitioners who feel out of their depth – a practical resource for those working with children and families. This practice paper outlines ways in which you can develop confidence in supporting children and families (Emerging Minds).

ThinkUKnow online safety program – Online safety program helps Australians with cognitive disability stay safe.

Parent-child play: A mental health promotion strategy for all children – by Sarah Seekamp, 2019. This resource provides practical information on the use of play to strengthen child-parent relationships and promote children’s mental health.

Understanding the social and emotional needs of carers – This report investigates the wellbeing of carers and how they can best be supported. By the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC), University of New South Wales.

Helping your child stop bullying: A guide for parents – by Jodie Lodge (CFCA Practitioner Resource, July 2014).

Sharing information with parents about children’s social and emotional wellbeing: A step-by-step approach – by Myfanwy Mcdonald, 2018, Emerging Minds.

Why is it difficult for parents to talk to practitioners about their children’s mental health? – by Myfanwy Mcdonald, 2018, Emerging Minds.

A Parent’s Guide: Improving the well-being of young children with learning disabilities – This booklet has been created to help parents support the well-being of their young child with a learning disability (aged 0 to 5), by Samantha Flynn, Vaso Totsika, and Richard P. Hastings, 2018.

Navigating Waters: Talking About Parenting – Quick Guide to Talking About Parenting by Parenting Research Centre (Aug 2018).

A Practical Guide for working with carers of people with a mental illness –  Mind Australia, Helping Minds, Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia), Mental Health Carers Arafmi Australia and Mental Health Australia (March 2016).

Down Syndrome and Dementia: A Guide for Families Down Syndrome – Australia and Dementia Australia worked together with Dr Jennifer Torr of Monash University to produce this resource for families.

3 Principles to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families (2017) – Centre for the Developing Child, Harvard University.

Supportive Relationships and Active Skill-Building Strengthen the Foundations of Resilience – Centre for the Developing Child, Harvard University.

SHUT OUT: The Experience of People with Disabilities and their Families in Australia – Dept of Social Services, 2016.

Safe work instructions for carers and families – Dept of Human Services, SA.

Carers plan: The ‘We Care – Our Plan for South Australian Carers’ – Dept for Communities and Social Inclusion, SA.