Health videos using Auslan: Health information in Auslan is available from the Victorian Government. Topics include raising children, diabetes information and dispute resolution. See:

The Wellbeing record is a resource that can be used to record the wellbeing of a person with intellectual disability and any changes that occur.  It is designed to be used to help health professionals understand what wellbeing looks like for the person, and understand any changes. University of NSW Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry resource

A guide to Breast Health (PDF 994KB) (opens in a new window) is a pictorial resource booklet that has been adapted from BreastScreen WA. It assists those women with low literacy, sight impairment, intellectual disability and their families and carers to be aware of the importance of breast health and regular breast screening.

Admission 2 Discharge: Information for people with disability, parents, disability workers and medical staff –

A2D Together Folder is to help hospital staff provide patient-centred care when a person with a cognitive disability is admitted to hospital. The information aims to improve their hospital journey from admission to discharge –

Going to Hospital: Easy English Fact Sheet –