Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education recognised by Pearson Clinical Assessment Australia / New Zealand

In collaboration with Mandy Case (Mabarrack), Lecturer with Disability and Community Inclusion, Flinders University, the DEAI was successful in liaising with Pearson Clinical Assessment Australia / New Zealand to have the qualification Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education (BDDE) recognized for their User B Level assessments. Assessments such as the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales and the Sensory Profile, some assessments used by Developmental Educators, have this User Level B attached to them. This is another validation of our qualifications, putting us on par with other allied health professions and thus another great step forward for our profession. It is not absolutely necessary to register with Pearson’s in order to undertake Level B assessments, but required if you want to purchase assessments at that level.

The DEAI has advised Pearson’s of the qualifications deemed by the DEAI as equivalent to the BDDE (as per our website Currently, when registering with Pearson, ‘Developmental Educator’ is not listed under ‘professional qualifications’; select ‘other’ and then ‘Developmental Educator’. We hope this will be rectified in due course. The BDDE is listed under ‘qualifications’; if you have undertaken a previous version of the current degree, specify this where relevant.

You can register with Pearson Clinical Assessment on

When undertaking any assessment, the DEAI advises that the administration guideline of the assessment is consulted, where relevant.