Developmental Educators: Careers since graduating, opinions of the degree, and perceived profile of the profession.

On Wed March 8th the DEAI hosted Dr Fiona Rillotta and June Alexander from Disability and Community Inclusion, Flinders University, who presented their research into the profession of Developmental Education.

The findings were inspiring in terms of how our profession is perceived and how far we have come, as well as highlighting areas which require further work and progress, in particular increasing the profile and recognition of Developmental Educators.

After their research presentation Fiona and June facilitated two focus groups, which formed the second part of their research project, with the aim of capturing some further specific information from Developmental Educators about their perceptions, job roles and career pathways.

A video of the preliminary research findings can be downloaded here: (please note there is an ad at the start of the video).

Powerpoint presentation: What do Developmental Educators really do.compressed

The DEAI sincerely thanks Fiona (L to June) and June (R) for their passion for and commitment to the profession of Developmental Education. We look forward to hearing more about the results from the focus group.