Disability Trusts, Wills, Moving Out and Sticking our Heads in the Sand: An info and Q&A evening, 27th March

Come and join a group of parents of children, teens or adults with disability as we learn about all general Wills and Trusts.

Monday 27th March 7:00 – 9:00pm in Clapham (inner southern suburbs of Adelaide)

This session will be led by Phil Shepherd from Pitcher Partner’s Adelaide office and will have a strong focus on tax implications and risks and benefits of Special Disability Trusts.

Sam Paior will also cover the basics of Specialist Disability Accommodation under the NDIS too – and fill you in on how the NDIS can be used to support your child planning for, and moving out of home.

The second part of the session will be interview style, with Sam Paior asking Phil all your pre-submitted questions. All attendees will be given the chance to send in your questions beforehand, so I can ask them for you anonymously, and of course, you’ll be able to ask questions on the night, too!
Some of the topics that will be covered include:

• Types of trusts and how to choose.
• What are they actually for?
• When are special disability trusts useful? Ie: what financial status, what life stage etc etc
• What do they cost to set up and maintain?
• Risks and benefits?
• Are they subject to the whims are changes in government?
• How to choose trustees?
• Financial implications – tax, capital gains, effect on aged pensions and disability support pension?
• When do you need one and does my child need one?
• How to balance siblings etc?
• How to choose executor?
• What will it cost?
• Who is good at this stuff?
Once registered, your confirmation email will detail the address and invite you to submit any questions you’d like asked anonymously.

NDIS funds may be used by Plan and Self-managed Participants where the session helps your child meet their goals (life planning, parent education etc.)

Fee: $61.60
To register click HERE.