Flinders University Disability & Community Inclusion Research Network , Research Friday, Friday 28th April

You are invited to this final Ph.D. seminar on:

Positive Behaviour Support for Adults with Brain Injury in Community Settings: A Family-Directed Approach

by Alinka Fisher, B.Dis.Comm.Rehab. (Hons), Ph.D. Candidate,

This thesis examines family involvement in behavioural interventions for individuals with brain injury, providing insight into current and best practices in supporting family caregivers in this role. A multi-phase mixed methods design was utilised to develop and evaluate a Family-Directed Behaviour Management (FDBM) program. Findings are supportive of increased involvement of family caregivers in managing behaviours of concern in relatives with ABI. Furthermore, with the current shift towards greater family collaboration, a Family-directed Approach to Brain injury management (FAB) model is presented, defining active ingredients and providing a theoretical framework to guide treatment implementation.

Friday 28th April 2017

Room S209, South Wing, Sturt Campus, Flinders University, Bedford Park

Final PhD seminar-Alinka Fisher
For further information, please contact Assoc Prof Pammi Raghavendra, Ph: 8201 3426