Presentation to new students of the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Eduction, 23rd Feb 2017

The DEAI is seeking to arrange a panel of 4 Developmental Educators to present to new students in the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education at Flinders University. Thursday 23rd February, 11.00-12.00. This would involve a short 5 minutes presentation on when you graduated and your current role, followed by questions from students.

The DEAI has been doing this for a few years now and the feedback from student is always very positive, valuing the opportunity to hear about the actual practice and contributions of DE’s. DE’s also really enjoy connecting with Uni and providing inspiration for the next generations of DE’s. This is one way in which you can contribute to growing our profession. Please contact us asap if you are interested in participating, on or 0455 932 220