Share your experience as a Developmental Educator with new disability studies students

Flinders University Disability and Community Inclusion is again inviting Developmental Educators to participate in a panel discussion with new students of the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education during their Mid-Year Entry Orientation session.

The DEAI has been arranging this panel for a number of years now and the feedback from both students and presenters is always very positive, with students getting a valuable insight into the profession they are about to study, and presenters feeling great about being able to share their skills and expertise.

This is an informal and interactive session: after a short 5 minute presentation students will be encouraged to ask questions of the panellists about their job/role experience etc.

When: Tuesday July 18th, 11.00am-12.00pm
Where: Flinders Uni, Bedford Park, Sturt Campus

If you are interested, please contact the DEAI on or 0455 932 220 prior to 11th July and further information will be provided to you.