Siblings Australia mapping project

Siblings Australia is conducting a national mapping project to help us better understand where and how siblings of people with disability are being supported, where the gaps are and what people believe should be happening in the area of sibling support.

This is an ideal opportunity for people who are interested in families of people with disability, and families themselves, to have input into future directions for sibling support.

This first survey is for providers and we will follow up with other ones for parents and siblings shortly, as well as one on one discussions with some people to develop a fuller picture.

You can fill in this survey if you are a service provider who is currently providing sibling support OR if your organisation has provided sibling support in the past, but does no longer OR if you have input into what should be happening in this area.

This survey is interested in the following types of sibling support:

1.       Direct support that specifically targets and involves siblings

2.       Indirect support that addresses sibling issues, but does not directly involve siblings

3.       Other broader supports that are not specifically for siblings but may still benefit them.

These are explained in more detail within the survey. If you have any queries please email or call 0408720558.