Tutoring opportunity at Flinders University for Developmental Educators

Please see message from Dr Pammi Raghavendra below:

Dear all,

I am A/P Pammi Raghavendra and I am looking for DEs to tutor in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) topic that I will be teaching/coordinating this semester. I would prefer DEs who have had work experience in AAC. The topic is taught in Disability & Community Inclusion unit at Flinders University.

Dates are: Lectures start on March 2 and finish June 1st (12 lectures). The lecture is on Thursdays between 9 am and 11 am and this is followed by Tutes between 12 and 1pm

You will have about 25 students in each tute group. These are second year students doing the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education or Double degree students in Education. The Education students are studying to be regular Ed/Special/Ed teachers and/or Disability professionals.

Rates for tutoring:
T1-incldues 2 hours of preparation time and 1 hour of delivery. If you are being a tutor for the first time, I expect you to attend the lectures (1 hour 40 minutes) and then 1 hour doing your tute = $127.38/TUTE, 12 tutes
M2- Marking- $42.45/hour. You will be paid for 2 hrs/student for the whole semester to mark all their assignments.
ODI- $41.26/hour. You are paid to attend meetings with me (~1 hour/meeting)– especially at the beginning and during key points, around 5 hrs.

Once you get Flinders email, you will be notified of some PD around tutoring and marking that may be of help to you and will be paid at ODI rate to attend them.

Let me know if you need further clarification.

If you are interested in, can you please email me/call me as soon as possible?

Thanks so much.


Pammi Raghavendra, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Research Higher Degree
Research Team Leader
Disability & Community Inclusion
Flinders University

Email: parimala.raghavendra@flinders.edu.auc/a>=

PH 08 8201 3426