Webinar – Supporting people living with borderline personality disorder, 21st March

Join an interdisciplinary panel discussion about how collaborative care may help support people like Emma, a 35-year-old mother of two. Emma experiences strong anxiety and panic attacks and has a history of self-harm. She needs constant reassurance about her parenting and struggles to maintain relationships with partners.

Through an exploration of borderline personality disorder, the webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to:
• Design a safe and supportive environment for people seeking care for borderline personality disorder

• Implement key principles of providing an integrated approach in the identification, assessment, treatment and support of people with borderline personality disorder

• Identify challenges, tips and strategies in providing a collaborative response to assist people who have borderline personality disorder who are experiencing increased risk of self-harm or suicide.

Time: 7:15 pm NSW, VIC, TAS & ACT / 6:45 pm SA / 6:15 pm QLD / 5:45 pm NT / 4:15 pm WA
Duration: 75 minutes

Read Emma’s story, the case upon which the discussion will be based.

Review the Fact Sheet, which answers FAQs about participating in a webinar and addresses technical questions.

To register: https://www.mhpn.org.au/RegisterForWebinar?wid=82