Intellectual Disability Resources

Developmental Delay: A guide for parents. Royal Children’s Melbourne Hospital

Dying to Talk video – shines the spotlight on the important topic often swept under the carpet of people dying, with the goal of finding better ways to communicate the concept of death and dying to people with intellectual disability.

Intellectual disability mental health core competency framework: A manual for mental health professionals – The manual and toolkit provides practical information, assessment tools and links to resources to assist in the development of the core competencies described in the framework.

Training materials for teachers of learners with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties – 16 modules on child development, supporting families, quality of life, communication and interaction,  assessment, monitoring and evaluation, augmentative and assistive strategies, positive behaviour support strategies, emotional well-being, and neuro-science.

Understanding Intellectual Disability and  Health  – A learning resource for professionals and students.

Optimising outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities in supported living arrangements 2015 – This report explores what factors ensure good outcomes for people with intellectual disability in supported living arrangements.

Access to health services by Australians with disability 2012

Disability and health inequality in Australia. Research Summary Aug 2012

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Current Issues in Awareness, Prevention and Intervention, Dec 2014

Supporting Children Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Practice Principles, Dec 2014

Services and Families Working Together to Support Adults with Intellectual Disability – La Trobe University 6th round table Nov 2011

How to hear me – A resource for counsellors and other professionals working with people with intellectual disabilities