Positive Behaviour Support Resources

Complex Support Needs Planning – Living the life I want: A guide to help with planning has been developed with and for people with cognitive impairment and complex support needs to assist them to engage in making plans. Download info and guide HERE.

Positive Behaviour Support Guide for the South Australian Disability Service Sector

Schedules of Reinforcement – http://www.educateautism.com/applied-behaviour-analysis/schedules-of-reinforcement.html

Positive Reinforcement – http://www.educateautism.com/behavioural-principles/positive-reinforcement.html

Negative Reinforcement – http://www.educateautism.com/behavioural-principles/negative-reinforcement.html

Token Economy – http://www.educateautism.com/token-economy.html

Applied Behaviour Analysis – http://www.educateautism.com/applied-behaviour-analysis.html

The Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis

Centre for Applied Behaviour Analysis

Functional Assessment – http://www.educateautism.com/functional-behaviour-assessment.html

Functional Assessment – Functional Behaviour Assessments from PBIS World

Information sheets on challenging behaviour and PBS:  The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

* Part 1: Understanding Challenging Behaviour

* Part 2: Finding the causes of Challenging Behaviour

* Part 3: Positive Behaviour Support Planning

Autism Speaks Family Services – Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit

The uncounted costs – choice and control for people with behaviours of concern. Research report 2015