Practice Tools Resources

Complex Support Needs Planning – Living the life I want: A guide to help with planning has been developed with and for people with cognitive impairment and complex support needs to assist them to engage in making plans. Download info and guide HERE.

Complex Support Needs Planning – Being a planner with a person with disability and complex support needs: Planning Resource Kit is intended to provide guidance for engaging a person with complex support needs in planning, created for workers in planning or related roles. Download info and guide HERE.

NDS, State of the Sector Report 2017 – The State of the Disability Sector Report for 2017 was released in Sydney today as part of NDS’s CEO Meeting. The report paints a picture of a sector under pressure.

Companion Card SA: The Companion Card is issued to people who have a significant, lifelong disability and will always need a companion to enable them to attend and participate in community based activities –

Companion Card NT:

Compani0n Card Tasmania:

Pearson Clinical Australia – (Assessments)

Motivational Interviewing: A Practice Guide for Practitioners who Support People with Disabilities 

Dignity in Care Principles – developed by Dept of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) – 10 principles that focus on changing the culture of care services by reinforcing the importance of treating people with dignity and respect.

Safe Work Instructions (SWI), developed by Dept of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) – to assist with performing a range of care activities safely and competently.

Safe Work Instructions (SWIs) online for all employers to provide information and instructions regarding safe work practices under the Safe Work Australia Hazard Manual Tasks Code of Practice and Section 39 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012.

Don’tDISmyABILITY: A language guide about etiquette and common courtesies for talking to, working with or socialising with a person who happens to have a disability. Don’tDISmyABILITY