Previous professional development provided by the DEAI

11/04/2019: Developmental Assessments for Developmental Educators and other AHP's
31/10/2018: Rights on Show and Communication Partner Services
Melanie Robinson, Lawyer Legal Services Commission SA /  Cheryll Rosales, Uniting Communities. 20193110.DEAI.Rights On Show PP / ComPaS- Presentation for DEAI 31st October 2018 participant PPT.
10/06/2018: Story Animals
Verity Roennfeldt, Developmental Educator / Director of Cultural Practice Development, Department for Communities (Child Protection and Family Support Division), Perth. View the live video streaming link here.
30/5/2018: Mental Health First Aid: It's relevance to disability professionals, people with a disability and their families
Carmen Franke, MHFA Instructor, and Jasper Cleland, Disability Advocate – DEAI PPT/ View the Presentation video.
10/4/2018: Health Literacy for Professionals
Dr Ruth Walker, Senior Lecturer Flinders University – Barriers to Healthcare Access for People with Disability (Powerpoint) / View the Presentation video.

Jayne Lehmann, Credentialled Diabetes Nurse, EdHealth Australia – Pls contact the DEAI on as file for “Diabetes Care of People with Intellectual Disability” is too large to post on website. / View the Presentation video

5/07/2017: Richard Bruggemann - Restrictive Practices
Please contact the DEAI on for the powerpoint presentation
5/09/2017: Dr Michelle Bellon and Dr Jennifer Farnden - Brain Injury
Please contact the DEAI on for Michelle’s powerpoint presentation.

25/5/2016: Anna Hughes (DE) and Sabine Hunter (Social Wkr) - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
No powerpoint presentation available. For general information visit:
6/4/2016: Truffy Maginnis (Social Wkr) - Less Silence More Safety, and Ellen Fraser-Barbour - DE Honours research presentation
Truffy Maginnis from the Office of the Health and Community Services and Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC). Less Silence More Safety: raising awareness of the aspects of abuse and safety of people with intellectual disability, and developing attitudes, practices and resources that assist to reduce abusive experiences:

DEAI Presentation April 6 2016 Truffy Maginnis / Video of Truffy’s presentation

Truffy referred to two further reports:

Dr Lorna O’Hallahan, Toward quality and safety in disability services: Confronting the ‘Corruption of Care’ (2012)

Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence: Summary and Recommendations Report March 2016 (Volume 4, Chapter 31, page 167).

Ellen Fraser-Barbour, Honours student with Disability and Community Inclusion: “Disability service providers’ perspectives on the barriers and facilitators for people with intellectual disability disclosing experiences of sexual violence and accessing violence-response services”.

DEAI presentation Ellen Frasour-Barber 6 April 2016

26/8/2015: Laynie Dunne-Heynis (DE) - On the road to employment and Jason Booth (Optometrist) - The role optometry can play
Laynie Dunne-Heynis, National Disability Coordination Officer: ‘On the road to employment – personal perspectives of a psychosocial rehabilitation program’, a research presentation about Diamond House Club House, facilitating and promoting employment opportunities for young people with disability.


Jason Booth, Flinders Vision – “The role optometry can play”.


27/5/2015: Melanie Robinson (Lawyer), Legal Services Commission - Legal Issues for Support People
25/3/2015: Carlin Lee (DE) - Industry Mentor of the Colombo Singapore Scholarship and presentations by Masters Students - the International Disability Context
24/11/2014: Amy Liaw (DE) and Dr Caroline Ellison (DE) - Presentations on Private Practice opportunities for Developmental Educators
2/4/2014: Monique Gillissen (Psychologist) - An overview of the various theories underpinning the development of emotional regulation and how physiological and social factors impact on a person’s ability to self regulate