Restrictive Practices Resources

National Framework for Reducing and Eliminating the Use of Restrictive Practices in the Disability Service Sector – the National Framework.

Restrictive Practices Reference Guide for the South Australian Disability Service Sector – 2017

Safeguarding People with Disability from Restrictive Practices – 2017

Office of the Senior Practitioner – Roadmap resource for achieving dignity without restraint, 2012.

Office of the Public Advocate, SA – Guardian Consent for Restrictive Practices in Disability Settings. Resources.

NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal – Restrictive Practices and Guardianship.

QLD Civil Administrative Tribunal – Guardian for Restrictive Practices.

Evidence-based guidelines to reduce the need for restrictive practices in the disability sector – A Guide for Psychologists, 2011 – A 30-minute video based e-learning program for disability support workers. Three modules with printable worksheets help facilitate personal and group reflection and a commitment to action

A Worker’s Guide to Safe-Guarding People Living with Disability from Abuse: to promote the skills and confidence of workers in the field of disability. Safeguarding People Living with Disability from Abuse