Attachment, Trauma and Abuse Resources

Child, Family, Community, Australia –  Understanding safeguarding practices for children with disability when engaging with organisations. This resource explores how an understanding of abuse and neglect, relating to children with disability, can assist in establishing child-safe organisations.

Adults Surviving Child Abuse – A practice guideline for treating complex trauma, 2012

To my Teacher… A memo from a child in foster care –

Australian Childhood foundation –

Taking Time: a trauma-informed framework for supporting people with intellectual disability. Resource. December 2015. The Taking Time Trauma-Informed Framework has been developed to guide service providers who support people with intellectual disability.

Taking Time: Background for trauma informed framework for supporting people with intellectual disability. Report. December 2015. This Literature Review explores definitions and perspectives in relation to trauma and disability, and considers the data on the prevalence of both.

Facing Tough Times – Supporting your family through life’s tough times 2015. A resource from the Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss an Grief Network.

Responding to children and young people’s disclosure of abuse – A practitioner resource March 2015.

Neglect or emotional abuse in teenagers aged 13-18 – a leaflet summarized research. 2014.

Centre for the Developing Child, Harvard University. Working Papers Series on early brain development, emotional regulation, resilience, attachment –