Access & Universal Design

Access and Inclusion Index – The Access and Inclusion Index is Australia’s foremost benchmarking tool for inclusion of people with disability. It provides a unique opportunity for you to drive access and inclusion outcomes across your whole organisation (Australian Network on Disability).

Wheelchair Housing Design Guide – Filled with practical advice and insightful design considerations, this invaluable guide provides all the information you need to help deliver good quality wheelchair accessible housing (Habinteg).

Inclusive leisure facilities: A design guide – addresses confusion over language and terminology, use of space and general design principles. The title of the guide is, Designing for Inclusivity: Strategies for Universal Washrooms and Change Rooms in Community and Recreation Facilities. It covers: inclusivity for families, people with disability, transgender and non-binary people, privacy, increased efficiency and forward thinking design.

Inclusive Design: A Microsoft Perspective – Microsoft has updated their Inclusive Design Toolkit. It’s a comprehensive guide that focuses on design principles that can be applied in any design situation. Their key advice is to recognise exclusion, solve for one and extend to many, and learn from diversity.

Introduction to Universal Design e-learning – This short online course is free to do. It is suitable for anyone who has an interest in universal design and inclusive practice. (Centre for Universal Design Australia).

Interactive online accessibility training modules – from the New South Wales Department of Education are free. Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Online Accessibility Toolkit (SA) – Everyone has a role to play in creating accessible online solutions. Contribute by embedding best practice principles in your workflow and develop an understanding of the human need behind inclusive design.

Achieving full participation through Universal Design – Sets the scene for promoting universal design and setting an action plan in motion. © Council of Europe, April 2009

Accessible Recruitment Guide – The Accessible Recruitment Guide was created by Media Access Australia to provide practical ‘real world’ guidance on how best to address accessibility-related issues in recruitment and human resources management.

Scope (Victoria) has a collection of free resources available for you to download.

Connect with Me: Co-design – This project’s objective is to co-design with people with disability on all aspects of policy, services, and facilities intended for use by people with disability. A Co-design Guide and Toolkit are available on this website.

Freedeom2Live – This web site has links to suppliers of technical aids and innovations for mobility, household aids, transport, pressure care, communications and wellbeing.

Centre for Universal Design Australia.

Equal Access – the principles of universal design (UD) are simple in nature, yet requires careful consideration to execute successfully. Both a broad view of the application of the design and a focus on the way that the application is carried out are integral for successful UD.