Award Nomination Criteria 2023


  1.  Read the criteria below
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The DEAI is holding its 7th Bi-Annual DEAI Outstanding Achievers Awards, which holds great significance for Developmental Educators.

The Awards aim to recognise the skills, expertise and contributions of Developmental Educators to people with disability and their families, as well as to celebrate achievements in the field of disability in general.

The DEAI is now calling for nominations so please, consider nominating someone you feel has made a worthy contribution to the field or their community, which meets the criteria as set out below. You may also make a self-nomination. Individuals in the DE community and selected DEAI Committee members, in conjunction with representatives of the Award Sponsors, will determine the recipients of each Award from the list of nominees, based on a consensus vote and discussion of the merits of each nomination. All persons nominated will be notified and their attendance will be requested at the Awards night. If a nominee accepts their nomination but cannot attend on the night, their Award may be collected in absentia by a representative of their choice. Decisions made by the selection panel will be final and no dispute will be entered into.


Dot Mills Developmental Educator Award.  

A DEAI Full Member who, in the course of their professional work:    

  • Provides an outstanding level of service to their clients and (if applicable) their professional organisation/employer.  
  • Makes a significant contribution to the field of Developmental Education within the community.  
  • Maintains high professional standards.   
  • Contributes to the profession via peer support and / or mentoring that supports sound professional practices.    


DEAI Student Member Award 

  • Open to DEAI Student Members who demonstrate ongoing commitment to the ethical principles, beliefs/values of DEAI through their student placement outcomes.  


DEAI Self-Advocacy Award. 

Any person with disability or family/carer advocate who:   

  • Works to overcome barriers to promote their own independence in the community, or to promote the independence and dignity of others.    
  • Upholds the beliefs and values of DEAI in their advocacy. 


DEAI Award for frontline workers.  

Any frontline worker in the field who:   

  • Upholds the ethical principals, beliefs/values of Developmental Educators. 
  • Demonstrates a passion for promoting the increased independence, dignity, and acceptance of people with disability and disadvantage in the community.   
  • Demonstrates a high level of skill in person centered practice approaches.    


DEAI Employer Award 

An employer who demonstrates a sustained commitment to the profession of Developmental Education by:   

  • employing or contracting Developmental Educators  
  • providing career development and advancement opportunities to DEs 
  • maintaining frameworks that allow Developmental Educators to uphold high professional standards. 
  • promoting the profession of Developmental Education 

*Open to employers of all sizes. 

*More than one award may be granted to reflect the diversity of enterprise in the sector. 


Early Career Award. 

Open to any DEAI Full Member who is in their first five years of practice, in any setting, who:  

  • Demonstrates outstanding commitment to the core competencies of Developmental Education. 
  • Promotes DE the profession through their work. 
  • Demonstrates innovation in practice, including but not limited to; group and individual programming, promoting the rights of people with disability, responding to service gaps and systemic issuescontributing to multidisciplinary teamscreating opportunities for community inclusion.  


Volunteer award

Any Volunteer in the field who:

  • Upholds the ethical principles, beliefs/values of Developmental Educators.
  • Demonstrates a passion for promoting the increased independence, dignity, and acceptance of people
    with disability and disadvantage in the community.
  • Demonstrates a high level of skill in person centred practice approaches.