Community Development Resources

The ‘Connecting Me’ Tool Kit – This Tool Kit was developed by Scope’s Communication & Inclusion Resource Centre as a product of the learnings from the ‘Connecting Me’ project. The purpose of this initiative was to increase community inclusion for people with a disability and their families, using a co-design model.

Communities of Practice and Communities of Interest (Oct 2018) – JFA Purple Orange has written a paper about Communities of Practice and Communities of Interest. This publication uses real life examples and stories to illustrate all areas of CoPs and CoIs, including how to create and maintain a CoP or CoI and the benefits of CoPs and CoIs for people living with a disability.

Program planning and evaluation guide – The aim of this guide is to help community sector organisations plan, deliver and evaluate evidence-informed programs. Its practical advice and resources are divided into five steps. Australian Institute of Family Studies, March 2018.

How to develop a program evaluation plan – This resource has been designed specifically for Communities for Children (CfC) service providers to assist them in meeting the evaluation criterion for the 50% evidence-based program requirement. However, it may be used by anyone who wants to evaluate the outcomes of a program. This resource is provided as a guide only. Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2018.

Child Family Community Australia – What is community development? Jan 2017

Child Family Community Australia – Community Engagement: A key strategy for improving outcomes for Australian Families. April 2016.