3 short online courses/lectures on FASD, De-escalating aggression, and Asthma management

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (Short Online Course)

AusMed online course (45 minutes). Dr. Anne Heath. There is a timely need for education to address the keys to prevention, screening, diagnosis and support outcomes for children and families affected by FASD. Start this Course now to discover the keys to prevention, screening, diagnosis and support.

De-escalating Aggression and Violence (Short Online Lecture)

AusMed lecture Online. Despite taking all precautions, you may still find yourself face to face with a stressed and aggressive person. In order to keep yourself safe, it’s essential you have the skills needed to de-escalate a dangerous situation. Watch this lecture and explore methods and insights that help to prevent workplace aggression. (47 min)

Emergency Management of Asthma in Adults and Children (Short Online Lecture)

AusMed online lecture (32 minutes). When asthma flare-ups occur, it is vital that we, as healthcare professionals, are up-to-date and can respond with the appropriate action. Watch this lecture to be brought up to speed on asthma treatments and improve your confidence in recognising and responding to an emergency asthma situations. Reminds us of what a serious illness asthma is, and not to be underestimated.