Adelaide Disability Medical Services

FYI – From the Adelaide Disability Medical Services website:

“Dedicated Medical Services for people living with Disabilities.

Do you find it difficult and stressful making the trip to see your regular GP due to long waiting times and uncomfortable waiting rooms? Why not experience the difference in attending our clinic.

We specialise in providing medical care for a wide range of disabilities and associated medical conditions. We understand the need for longer consult times to deal with the myriad of issues that can crop up for people living with a disability. On occasions, we might also need to make a home visit to provide some of the care that you or your family member with a disability might need.

Our doctors are qualified and trained to provide quality healthcare right in your home. They have acquired extensive experience working in the Centre for Disability Health, Strathmont Centre and Highgate Park Clinic and have been trained by experienced doctors in the field.”