MHPN’s Adelaide Sexual Abuse/Trauma network meeting – 9th Sept

Introducing the “Positive Lives Engagement Framework” as a method of engagement with children, young people and young adults with complex trauma backgrounds.

About the session and speaker:

Lindi Cawdry, Therapeutic Specialist, Jo’s Therapeutic Youth Residential Care

Lindi Cawdry is the Therapeutic Specialist for Uniting Communities – Jo’s Therapeutic Youth Residential Care service. Lindi has background in psychology with post graduate specialisation in Trauma. Lindi and has worked in the NGO sector as well as her own private practice for the last 11 years predominantly with Youth and Young Adults.

Whilst working  for Jo’s, Lindi developed  the “positive lives engagement framework” as part of Jo’s Therapeutic Intervention for our youth residential care program. This framework provides a method for communicating with teenagers and young adults who have had complex trauma backgrounds and are prone to hyper-arousal, aggression or consistently making negative choices. It is an alternative approach to the current Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) strategy which has historically been the dominant approach used in Residential Care. Our engagement framework provides a positive way of communicating and engaging with children, youth and Young Adults. Our framework combines our knowledge of the neurobiology of trauma and a positive psychology in a way, which is able to direct behaviour and choices into positive directions and thereby preventing destructive or unhelpful behaviours.

When: Wed 9th Sept, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Where: Uniting Communities, 43 Franklin Street, Adelaide

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