Can you help? DE panel for session with students of the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education – Mon 9th Sept

The DEAI and Disability and the Community Inclusion Unit, Flinders University are seeking your assistance for a panel of Developmental Educators to talk to students of the  BDDE (and related courses).

The aim of this informal panel is to give students a sense of what being a Developmental Educator is all about and what career pathways are now available for the profession.

If you have not yet participated on such a panel, we invite you to do so as the opportunity to share your story to inspire students is a most rewarding experience. If you have already been on a panel in the past, you are welcome to join us again as this is a new cohort of students who will also benefit from hearing from you.

When: Mon 9th September, 10.50-11.50 am (you are welcome to join us for morning tea at 10.30am)

Where: Flinders University, Sturt Campus, Bedford Park. Room TBA.

You will be asked to prepare 1 powerpoint slide for a 5-10 minute presentation, containing:

  1. your name
  2. when graduated
  3. job/role
  4. brief one sentence on what your current role involves

Students will be encouraged to ask questions to make this an interactive session.

Please note this can be counted as your professional development. If you are interested please contact us on by Thurs 5th September.