College of Nursing and Health Sciences Annual Prizes and Awards Ceremony

Each year the College of Nursing and Health Sciences holds its Annual Prizes and Awards Ceremony at Flinders University.

The DEAI is privileged to be able to sponsor a Prize – the “Developmental Educators Australia Inc Prize for Academic Excellence”.

This year, on 18th April, this Prize was won by Marwa Al-Bouch. Marwa won a $100 voucher and free DEAI membership until completion of her Bachelor degree. Congratulations Marwa on this fantastic effort.


Congratulations also go the other Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education students who were the recipient of a Prize:

Dr Paul Collier Prize for Outstanding Student Achievement in the 3rd year practicum topic in the BDDE

Adele Demasi

Sampath Dhanapala International Student Excellence Prize

Thi Mai dam

Employment and Disability Prize

Deb Green

BDDE, Practical Excellence Prize

Anastasia Filiangouras

Melanie Gilboy

BDDE, Academic Excellence Prize

Demi Jade Martin

Master of Disability Studies, Academic Excellence Prize

Alexandra Bennett

Disability & Community Inclusion Unit, Postgraduate Research Excellence Prize

Thi Mai Dam