Emerging Minds New app: Child360

In an Australian first, Emerging Minds have just launched a free app called Child360. It provides practical tools and a clear pathway for parents to help identify and manage the mental health needs of their children.

Director, Brad Morgan says the app was developed after recognising that all families face challenges that can impact children’s mental and emotional wellbeing and that it can be daunting for parents to know where to begin looking for help.

“The Child360 app gives parents a simple, trustworthy, pro-active tool for taking stock of their children’s social and emotional wellbeing,” Mr Morgan said.

“It can be a powerful starting point for parents who are confused or overwhelmed.”

Child360 allows parents to develop a confidential profile of their child and answer questions about areas such as:

  • parent-child relationships
  • emotions and behaviour
  • routines
  • communication, and
  • support networks.

After answering the questions, parents select an area to work on and then choose from three levels of action, including:

  • Accessing information through articles, videos and podcasts.
  • Speaking to someone via an online or phone service.
  • Making an appointment to see a GP or child and maternal health nurse.

Child360 was developed in partnership with parents, health professionals, researchers and parenting experts, and draws on evidence-based practices to guide parents towards credible, quality information that best suits their situation and their children’s needs. Parents can even download a letter from the app to take to their GP, with prompts to help with discussing areas of concern.

Download it via the App Store or Google Play Store.