Flinders University School of Health Sciences 2017 Awards & Prize Ceremonies

The Student Prize Awards were held on Tuesday 11th April.

The DEAI congratulates the following students from Disability and Community Inclusion who were Award recipients in recognition of their outstanding achievements during their studies:

Ellen Fraser-Barbour:  The Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education, Academic Excellence Prize.

Demi Martin: The Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education, Practical Excellence Prize.

Kay Keit: The Developmental Educators Australia Inc (DEAI) Prize for Academic Excellence.

Katie Butler: The Disability and Community Inclusion Unit, Postgraduate Research Excellence Prize.

Sharon Foreman: The Master of Disability Studies, Academic Excellence Prize.


The DEAI wishes Ellen, Demi, Kay, Katie and Sharon best of luck with the remainder of their studies and their future careers in the field of disability.

Kay Keit (L) and Jose Koppelman-Guthrie (Chair, DEAI)