Free webinar – What is infant and child mental health and why is it important for all practitioners to think about it?

Webinar series: Focus on infant and child mental health

Presenters: Brad Morgan and Helen Francis

Tuesday 9 October 2018, 1:00–2:00pm AEST. Find your time zone.

This webinar is the first in an upcoming series of webinars being facilitated in partnership between Emerging Minds and CFCA, with a specific focus on the mental health of infants and children.

If the social and emotional wellbeing of children is to be everyone’s business, then consistent, cross-sector practices need to be employed in adult- and child-focused services. In this webinar, Brad Morgan, Emerging Minds’ Director, and Helen Francis, Emerging Minds’ National to Local Manager, will describe how Emerging Minds works across sectors to identify effective practice, and to support practice development that improves the early identification and prevention of child mental health issues. They will explain the suite of resources that Emerging Minds produces, and how these can help practitioners and organisations to develop child-focused and parent-sensitive practice.

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