JFA Noske Christmas Fund applications are now open (SA)

The JFA Noske Christmas Fund distributes grants of up to $150 to assist eligible adults living with physical disability, acquired brain injury or degenerative neurological disorder, to celebrate Christmas.

The Fund was established in 2009 in honour of the late Mr Noske who set aside funds to spread the joy of Christmas. Eligible recipients have received grants for various personal items associated with Christmas, including short holidays, electrical goods, presents for loved ones, clothing, food for Christmas day and more.

More information and application forms can be accessed via the purple button below.

Applications close 5pm Friday 30th August 2019

If you still have questions after viewing the website, please contact Katie Bonner on (08) 8373 8333 or via email katieb@purpleorange.org.au

SPECIAL NOTICE: The number of applicants is likely to exceed the number of grants available. Therefore, not every applicant will receive a grant. This includes applicants who have received grants in previous years. Please do not assume your application will be successful just because you meet the eligibility criteria, and do not make any spending commitments until you have been notified about the outcome of your application.

More information and application forms