LaTrobe University seeks help with research! – ASD Longitudinal Study

We are looking for young people with or without Autism and the carers/family members of young people with Autism who may be interested in participating in a survey based study. Participants are asked to complete surveys at baseline, 12 months and 24 months. Participants will receive a $30 voucher after completing the 24-month survey.

We highly value the time and effort participants put into completing our surveys. So far, the preliminary results from this project have identified that:
•         While majority of young people reported they generally liked school or university, 72% found this time challenging and only 41% received support.
•         Bullying was commonly reported as a major school challenge for young people with ASD.
•         Mental health issues were commonly reported among young people with ASD.
•         Anxiety and depression were also high among parents of young people with ASD.

These results highlight the importance of this study in assisting the development of different tools and interventions to assist with the transition to adult life.

For more information contact the SASLA research team at or visit