Make the NDIS work campaign

The Federal Election is fast approaching and our pollies have already started down the campaign trail.
Ahead of the May election, we want to know just what our MPs are going to do to fix the NDIS.

It’s your chance to share a question you want our MPs to answer about how they plan to fix the NDIS. We’ve already set up the interviews. There is no better time to make sure our politicians listen and take action to deliver us the NDIS we fought for.

Then make sure you’re ready for the exciting two months ahead!

On May 3, a National Day of Action is planned. As many individuals and organisations as possible are encouraged to hold an event, contact the media or talk to their local MP or candidates on that day. The Every Australian Counts campaign will be holding some Make it Work forums around the country but we hope lots of other people will commit to doing something in their own local communities that day too.

Share your question (off-site)