National Developmental Educators Week: 7-11 December 2020

National Developmental Educators Week

7 – 11 December 2020


The DEAI originally planned to hold National Developmental Educators Week 2020 on 23-27 November 2020 and launch this at our AGM. Unfortunately the DEAI had to postpone the AGM due to COVID-19 restrictions and made the decision to also postpone National DE Week 2020. The DEAI is excited to relaunch the 4th National Developmental Educators Week. We invite you to join with the DEAI, fellow Developmental Educators, disability studies students, work colleagues, and other interested parties to celebrate the Developmental Educator profession. 

National Developmental Educators Week 2020 poster image

Our theme this year is: Human Rights

We are excited to inform you that our new dates fall on the same week that celebrates Human Rights Day. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December in 1948. As such, Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. The UDHR is one of UN’s major achievements as well as the first enunciation of human rights across the world. It is the most translated document around the globe available in over 500 languages.

Human rights protect everyone, including people with disability. The United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (the UN Disability Convention/UNCRPD) in 2006 when it was recognised that people with disability are often overlooked in human rights discussions. Australia committed to protect and respect the rights in the Convention in 2008. The UN Disability Convention sets out how human rights and freedoms apply to people with disability, including the right to:

  • have the same access as everyone else to the physical environment, transport, information and communications, and other facilities and services
  • live independently and be included in the community
  • equal opportunity and inclusion in education
  • the highest attainable standard of health and access to health and rehabilitation services
  • effective measures to ensure the equal right of people with disability to work, including support for reasonable adjustments to be made to the work environment
  • an adequate standard of living, including access to housing and to assistance with disability expenses where necessary
  • equal recognition before the law and access to justice
  • respect for privacy and family relationships
  • be free from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • freedom of movement and personal mobility.

DEAI members can access a range of Human Rights resources from the members page on the DEAI website – The DEAI recently updated this page with a range of new resources, be sure to check it out!


National DE Week 2020 competition:

To help DEs celebrate National DE Week 2020, the DEAI advertised a competition to win 1 of 4 DE Week themed bunting made by Mobo Group. The competition is now closed and winners have been announced. We look forward to seeing how the winners use their bunting to celebrate National DE Week 2020!

To help you celebrate we have:

  • A promotional pack with a range of items to help you celebrate (free courtesy of the DEAI) – the final date to order has now passed, all DEs should receive their pack before 7 December 2020 via free postage
  • National DE Week 7-11 Dec 2020 Flyer – use this flyer to help your organisation, fellow Developmental Educators and interested parties in understanding when National Developmental Educators Week 2020 is
  • Developmental Educator skills profile – a profile outlining the many skills of Developmental Educators; share the diverse and multi-disciplinary skills of our profession with your organisation and interested parties
  • An event poster (editable A4) – invite your organisation and interested parties to your very own National Developmental Educators Week 2020 celebration by using the event poster
  • An email signature – a picture you may wish to include in your email signature to help promote the Developmental Educator profession and celebrate National Developmental Educators Week 2020
  • Campaign logo – a specific logo to help promote the celebration of National Developmental Educators Week 2020


Please share your story of how you celebrated National DE Week – post on your website/social media using #NationalDEWeek2020 and tag the DEAI so we can share your posts too!