Tackling human rights in Myanmar – Flinders University training program on human rights

Associate Professor Caroline Ellison (CNHS) presented with a plaque by Fellows from the Myanmar Down Syndrome Association.

Flinders University recently hosted a five week training program for educators from Myanmar, focused on human rights in education for people who are living with disability.

The program, ‘Human Rights, Social Protection, Education and Leadership in Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities in Myanmar’, was led by Associate Professor Caroline Ellison and delivered by staff from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Ten principals and teachers took part from schools for children living with disability in Yangon, Myanmar, together with three members of the Myanmar Down Syndrome Association.

With technical skills training provided in areas including human rights, social protection, education and leadership theory and practice, emphasis was placed on reducing the abuse of children and adults living with disabilities.

Participants will now take their skills back to their Myanmar communities.

The training, completed on 22 March, was a Fellowship project funded by part of a $1 million grant received from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Award Fellowship Grant Program. The funding was received by the university last year to help professionals from South East Asia address issues around healthcare, water management and human rights.