Webinar Series: Sleep with Disability

Sleep with Disability is an education service developed by Annie O’Connell that aims to increase the knowledge, skill and confidence of allied health professionals and educators who support families with children and teenagers with sleep difficulties. Sleep with Disability supports the training of professionals through SIX online webinars and links to resources.

This series of 6 webinars provides the information as presented in the two day training for allied health and educational professionals, facilitated by Annie O’Connell . The training has evolved from clinical experience, training participants’ feedback, an overseas Churchill Fellowship and research.

Parent training as a sleep intervention is receiving increasing attention where parents take on the role of co-clinician in planning and implementing the child’s intervention. The Sleep with Disabilities Webinar Series provides detailed information on how to develop an unique sleep plan with families with individualized goals, things to do during the day, night routine, combination of communication, sensory and behavioural strategies and reinforcement. ”

It is available online for $220.

SleepAbility Webinar Series