National Developmental Educators’ Week 11-15 Nov 2019

National Developmental Educators Week

11-15 November 2019



The DEAI is excited to launch the 3rd National Developmental Educators Week at the Annual General Meeting on 7th November.

Our theme this year is: CELEBRATE our person-centredness


Person-centredness is an approach that underpins the professional practices of Developmental Educators. Person-centredness ensures people with a disability are at the centre of all decisions which relate to their life, and recognises their goals and aspirations. Person-centred planning facilitates people genuinely participating in valued and meaningful activities in everyday life, and contributing as members of their community. Person-centredness simply means getting to know a person, listening to what and who is important to them and understanding their wishes.

DEAI members can access a range of Person-centred resources from the members page on the DEAI website:


We invite you to join with the DEAI, fellow Developmental Educators, disability studies students, work colleagues, and other interested parties to celebrate the Developmental Educator profession. 


To help you celebrate we have:

  • A promotional pack which you can order (for free) – a range of items to help you celebrate, including: pen / stickers / keyring / postcards / brochures / fridge magnet / balloons: Order-Form-for-National-DE-Week-2019.
  • A flyer to assist you with your promotion – use this flyer to help your organisation, fellow Developmental Educators and interested parties in understanding what a Developmental Educator is and what National Developmental Educators’ Week 2019 is all about: National Developmental Educators Week 2019 – Promotional Flyer
  • A Developmental Educator skills profile – a profile outlining the many skills of Developmental Educators; share the diverse and multi-disciplinary skills of our profession with your organisation and interested parties: DE Skills Profile
  • Images to share on social media – share these images about National Developmental Educators Week 2019 on your social media to promote our profession. Pictures have been created according to picture size requirements for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to help you in being able to easily share the images (e.g., to use the LinkedIn image for your LinkedIn cover photo).
  • An email signature – a picture you may wish to include in your email signature to help promote the Developmental Educator profession and celebrate National Developmental Educators Week 2019:
  • A campaign logo – a specific logo to help promote the celebration of National Developmental Educators Week 2019 that you may wish to share


Take photos and share them and your story of how you celebrated National DE Week.

Post on Facebook/social media using #NationalDEWeek2019 

Tag your organisation or share on their Facebook page too.