Parents with Intellectual Disability

Healthy Start: Helping professionals support parents with learning difficulties

Practices that support parenting by parents with intellectual disability – This short article outlines the challenges faced by Australian parents with intellectual disability and best practice and policy responses (CFCA).

Parenting with intellectual disability – Raising Children’s Network.

Working Together with Parents Network – Resources and Practice Guides. University of Bristol.

Parental intellectual disability and child protection: Key issues – Alister Lamont and Leah Bromfield, NCPC Issues No. 31 — December 2009.

Steps to Speaking Up: Important things to know about the Child Protection system for parents with disabilities in Victoria – a 40-page booklet which uses clear sections and headings and an easy to read layout to help parents with disability understand and navigate the child protection system in Victoria. By Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability (VALID), July 2018.

My Time – Free support for parents of children with disabilities