Person Centred Support Resources

Person centred best practice documents, observation guides and checklists:

Doing an effective case review with a person with disability: A person-centred approach – Meltzer, A., Conway, P., Dowse, L., Dew, A. and Cooney, E. (2018). UNSW Sydney.

What does good look like? – This resource provides an overview of what good support looks like in services for people with learning disabilities and/or autism and provides a checklist for observations to indicate the extent to which a service is implementing person-centred approaches. Kent University, Tizard Centre.

Person Centred Guide for the South Australian Disability Service Sector –  (2017)

SEND Guidance: Person Centred Planning Toolkit – A comprehensive resources, covering a range of person centred tools (Oldham Council, UK).

What is a person centred approach? – A fact sheet by National Disability Practitioners (2016).

The Five Accomplishments – A guide for the development of personal vision. (From Implementing Person-Centered Planning by John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien, 1998).


Active Support

Every Moment Has Potential – A free online learning resource developed specifically for disability support workers. The resource provides an introduction to Person Centred Active Support – a way of working that enables everyone, no matter what their level of intellectual or physical disability, to make choices and participate in meaningful activities and social relationships.

A Guide to Good Group Homes – Explores what the research evidence tells us makes a difference in group homes, and to the lives of people who live in them (Centre or Applied Disability Research).


Strength based approach

Working with Strengths – A strengths-based approach (2012).