Previous professional development provided by the DEAI

14/08/2019: A Guide to Teaching Social and Emotional Literacy
Mark LeMessurier. View the live video streaming here (2 hours – pls note this session involves some group work which may be difficult to follow) / Slides with links to resources – Mark LeMessurier
4/06/2019: Incorporating Advocacy in your work as a Disability Professional
Ralph Brew, and Adrian Crow, Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion. View the live video streaming here (pls note the 2nd half of the stream involves group work which is a bit difficult to follow) / Advocacy as Disability Professionals Final
15&22/5/2019: Supervision in the PBS Context
Monique Gillissen, Psychologist. DEAI PBS Supervision part 1 / DEAI PBS Supervision part 2
11/04/2019: Developmental Assessments for Developmental Educators and other AHP's
31/10/2018: Rights on Show and Communication Partner Services
Melanie Robinson, Lawyer Legal Services Commission SA /  Cheryll Rosales, Uniting Communities. 20193110.DEAI.Rights On Show PP / ComPaS- Presentation for DEAI 31st October 2018 participant PPT.
10/06/2018: Story Animals
Verity Roennfeldt, Developmental Educator / Director of Cultural Practice Development, Department for Communities (Child Protection and Family Support Division), Perth. View the live video streaming here.
30/5/2018: Mental Health First Aid: It's relevance to disability professionals, people with a disability and their families
Carmen Franke, MHFA Instructor, and Jasper Cleland, Disability Advocate – DEAI PPT/ View the Presentation video.
10/4/2018: Health Literacy for Professionals
Dr Ruth Walker, Senior Lecturer Flinders University – Barriers to Healthcare Access for People with Disability (Powerpoint) / View the Presentation video.

Jayne Lehmann, Credentialled Diabetes Nurse, EdHealth Australia – Pls contact the DEAI on as file for “Diabetes Care of People with Intellectual Disability” is too large to post on website. / View the Presentation video

5/07/2017: Richard Bruggemann - Restrictive Practices
Please contact the DEAI on for the powerpoint presentation
5/09/2017: Dr Michelle Bellon and Dr Jennifer Farnden - Brain Injury
Please contact the DEAI on for Michelle’s powerpoint presentation.

25/5/2016: Anna Hughes (DE) and Sabine Hunter (Social Wkr) - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
No powerpoint presentation available. For general information visit:
6/4/2016: Truffy Maginnis (Social Wkr) - Less Silence More Safety, and Ellen Fraser-Barbour - DE Honours research presentation
Truffy Maginnis from the Office of the Health and Community Services and Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC). Less Silence More Safety: raising awareness of the aspects of abuse and safety of people with intellectual disability, and developing attitudes, practices and resources that assist to reduce abusive experiences:

DEAI Presentation April 6 2016 Truffy Maginnis / Video of Truffy’s presentation

Truffy referred to two further reports:

Dr Lorna O’Hallahan, Toward quality and safety in disability services: Confronting the ‘Corruption of Care’ (2012)

Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence: Summary and Recommendations Report March 2016 (Volume 4, Chapter 31, page 167).

Ellen Fraser-Barbour, Honours student with Disability and Community Inclusion: “Disability service providers’ perspectives on the barriers and facilitators for people with intellectual disability disclosing experiences of sexual violence and accessing violence-response services”.

DEAI presentation Ellen Frasour-Barber 6 April 2016

26/8/2015: Laynie Dunne-Heynis (DE) - On the road to employment and Jason Booth (Optometrist) - The role optometry can play
Laynie Dunne-Heynis, National Disability Coordination Officer: ‘On the road to employment – personal perspectives of a psychosocial rehabilitation program’, a research presentation about Diamond House Club House, facilitating and promoting employment opportunities for young people with disability.


Jason Booth, Flinders Vision – “The role optometry can play”.


27/5/2015: Melanie Robinson (Lawyer), Legal Services Commission - Legal Issues for Support People
25/3/2015: Carlin Lee (DE) - Industry Mentor of the Colombo Singapore Scholarship and presentations by Masters Students - the International Disability Context
24/11/2014: Amy Liaw (DE) and Dr Caroline Ellison (DE) - Presentations on Private Practice opportunities for Developmental Educators
2/4/2014: Monique Gillissen (Psychologist) - An overview of the various theories underpinning the development of emotional regulation and how physiological and social factors impact on a person’s ability to self regulate