Flinders University Honours Project – “Examining Time and Resource Allocation of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Processes: The Perspective of PBS Practitioners”

An Honours project which is being conducted at Flinders University aims to examine the experiences of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Practitioners in providing support to individuals using PBS funded hours under the NDIS. Specifically, time and resource issues will be looked at in addition to current practices, recommendations for best practice and compliance issues within the Australian NDIS context. This preliminary insight will also be critical for informing policy and practice.

Information from Flinders University:

You will be eligible to participate if you meet the following inclusion criteria:

  • Currently supporting NDIS participant that receive PBS funding within their NDIS plan.
  • Have experience providing PBS to participants that are NDIS funded and participants funded by other sources.
  • Have a minimum of 4 years of experience in developing and implementing PBS.

You will be invited to participate in a semi-structured interview with a researcher who will ask you questions regarding how PBS funded hours are used across the execution of PBS processes and what your recommendations would be in relation to time and resource allocation when implementing high quality PBS to NDIS participants. Participation is entirely voluntary. The interview will take about 45 minutes. The interview will be audio recorded and then transcribed to help with reviewing the results. Once recorded, the interview will be transcribed verbatim, de-identified and stored on a password protected computer.

Any enquiries you may have concerning this project should be directed to Alinka Fisher as the primary supervisor – by telephone on 08 8201 2576 or alinka.fisher@flinders.edu.au

Letter of Introduction, Information Sheet and the Consent Form can be viewed by clicking on the documents below:

Letter of Introduction

Information Sheet

Consent Form