Disability Advocacy In Action – New Online Course Available (free)

DARU (Disability Advocacy Resource Unit) are offering a free online course called ‘Inclusive Education’.

Information about the course (from DARU’s website) is below:

In this course you will learn:
• Why we should integrate rather than segregate
• The decision making process in developing an integration program
• The integration support group best practice processes and procedures
• The role and responsibilities of the different members of the integration support group
• How to develop an inclusive curriculum

Who is this course for?
This course is primarily designed for disability advocates working with parents of children with disability. However, anyone who is interested in furthering the ‘Right to education’ for children with disability will find this course valuable, including:
• Students with disability
• Teachers
• Funders of education resources

Course format:
This course is available to anyone free of charge and is a self paced, unaccredited course.

There are two ways of completing this course:
• Online – Progress through the modules and complete the quizzes as you go. The quizzes are not graded and are designed to reflect on what you are learning
• Traditional – Download the workbook as pdf  or as a word version and watch the videos on the DARU Youtube playlist.

For more information on how to access this course visit: http://www.daru.org.au/course/inclusive-education / phone (03) 9639 5807 / or email admin@daru.org.au