Sexuality and Relationship Resources

Healthy Relationships Workbook – The purpose of this workbook is to assist a person with an intellectual or developmental disability to learn about healthy relationships, to identify and recognize abuse and to know who to contact for help. The workbook is written in plain English for people with IDD, high school age and beyond (The Arc of Spokane, May 2013).

All About Sex – series of fact sheets for people with intellectual disability and the people who support them. The fact sheets are easy to read and include illustrations to help people with intellectual disability learn about sexuality and relationships. The fact sheets cover a range of topics including bodies, relationships, sex, pregnancy and reproduction, sexual health and sexual assault (Family Planning NSW).

Let’s talk about puberty – A booklet about growing up for young people who have a learning disability (Down’s Sydrome Scottland).

Adolescence: A new guide for parents – covers information about transition to high school, puberty, sexuality, post-school transitions etc (Down Syndrome Australia).

Sex education and puberty – Here are some ideas for talking to your child about puberty, sex, sexuality and relationships, as well as links to some useful resources. You can also read our top tips for sex education (National Autistic Society).

Positive and Protective: Disability – A participant workbook to promote a positive and proactive approach to supporting the healthy sexual development of the children and young people in care that you support (True Relationships and Reproductive Health).

Puberty and Sexuality for Children and Young People with a Learning Disability – This award winning teaching pack has been developed to be taught to learning disabled children and young people between the ages of 9-18 years old (Children’s Learning Disability Nursing Team in Leeds).

Sexuality and Disability: A Guide for Parents – Information for parents on: The parent’s role; What sexuality is; The facts about sexuality and disability; and Suggestions for what parents can do. Alberta Health Services.

Resources for parents of trans and gender diverse young people – By Amaze

ThinkUKnow online safety program – Online safety program helps Australians with cognitive disability stay safe.

Webinar: Autistic, LGBTIQA+ and Proud – This webinar could be of value to young people with autism, who are forming their own sense of identity and building their own support networks. Features Dr. Wenn Lawson, Jeanette Purkis, Christian Tsoutsouvas and Shadia Ibrahim.

The everyday experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people living with disability – Report by William Leonard Dr. Rosemary Mann (July 2018).

Article – Contraception for adolescents with disabilities: taking control of periods, cycles and conditions – 2018

Preventing abuse and promoting personal safety in young people with disability – The Centre for Children and Young People (CCYP) at Southern Cross University has released research results into what makes young people (16 to 30) feel safe in their communities. The young people identified social inclusion as being just as important as physical access.

Unprotected, overprotected- Meeting the needs of young people with learning disabilities who experience, or are at risk of sexual exploitation UK 2015 – This UK-wide research study was commissioned by Comic Relief and addresses a significant gap in current understanding of the sexual exploitation of children and young people with learning disabilities.

Practice Guide – Supporting professionals to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities who experience, or are at risk of sexual exploitation UK 2015 – The aim of this practice guide is to provide professionals with learning from an exploratory research study addressing the needs of children and young people with learning disabilities who experience, or are at risk of, child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Differing Abilities – Lessons plans for teaching students of differing ability about human sexuality.