Functional Capacity Assessment Training

Provided by external organisation – H-L Supports

Functional Capacity Assessment Training A practical online workshop that covers what, who and how of completing FCA assessments and reports.

NOTE: Practitioners wishing to undertake this training must have the prerequisite skills in conducting assessments and access to licenced and manualised assessments.

Training Aims:

After completing the training, participants will be able to:

• Define a rationale behind Functional Capacity Assessments

• Demonstrate understanding of the NDIS knowledge base that guides and supports our practice in this area.

• Demonstrate a practical knowledge about functional domains

• Define different types of Functional Capacity Assessments

• Understand how the NDIS principles of reasonable and necessary are fitting in the context of the Functional Capacity Assessment

• Demonstrate an understanding of different multidisciplinary disability and mental health assessment instruments that can be used to validate information provided in functional capacity assessment reports.

• Apply a holistic framework for assessing and organising functional capacity information

• Demonstrate practical knowledge for conducting Functional Capacity Assessments and writing comprehensive FCA reports.

• Following the training, all participants will be provided with the information package, which includes a copy of the presentation slides, a list of FCA resources, references, and easily modified FCA template.