Workshops across Australia on ‘Beyond IQ Scores: Clinical Value of Behavioural Observations during Cognitive and Developmental Assessments’

Offered by Autism Understanding

2019 Beyond IQ Scores Workshops

Sydney 28th March – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Newcastle 9th May – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Melbourne 23rd May – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Brisbane 1st August – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Perth 29th August – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Adelaide 12th September – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Your questions answered (and more):

• What’s the fastest way of gaining and maintaining rapport with a child or adolescent with autism or another developmental disability?
• How do I modify assessments to enable clients to participate, and how do I write about these modifications in the report?
• Is there such a thing as a child who’s “untestable”, or do they need a different type of assessment?
• What behaviours should I look out for in a cognitive or developmental assessment? (Workshop notes include Autism Understanding’s Cognitive Assessment Observation Checklist and many other resources)
• Could these behaviours be signs of autism? What other hypotheses should I consider?
• How do behaviours in an assessment relate to behaviours in the classroom, playground and at home?
• What should I recommend, including strategies and further assessments?
• Do you have sample reports that I can draw on when writing my own reports?

This course is designed for psychologists, but has also been helpful for occupational therapists, speech pathologists and special education teachers who conduct individual assessments with children and adolescents.