NDIS Systems Update: changes to NDIS plans ending, unspent funds and the NDIS myplace portal

Have you read the NDIA’s most recent update regarding plans ending and updates to the NDIS myplace portal?

Plan gaps and service bookings have been an issue faced by a large number of NDIS participants and service providers over the years, resulting in numerous difficulties with often rather large impacts. The sector has seen no gap plans, manual 3 month gap plans applied, and most recently, 28 day extensions automatically applied within 7 days of a plan ending.

On 10/02/2020 the NDIA announced that updates had been made to the NDIS myplace portal to reflect recent changes to NDIS system improvement. The NDIA report that ‘changes are intended to ensure continuation of service for NDIS participants during a plan review period and reduce claiming errors and manual rework for providers’. This is exciting news for NDIS participants and services providers alike!

What actually are the changes?

The NDIA report:

  • Service bookings for SIL (Supported Independent Living) will automatically increase on the NDIS myplace portal where a 28 day extension has been automatically applied to a plan
  • Service bookings for SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) will also automatically increase on the NDIS myplace portal where a 28 day extension has been automatically applied to a plan
  • Whilst new plans will be approved, funds from the most recent previous plan period will remain available for all NDIS participants for 90 days
  • Service bookings managed by providers will not end for any NDIS participant where there is a 28 day extension

Are there any types of supports that won’t be accessible in a plan extension?

  • The NDIA have said that automatic extensions will not be available for assistive technology or home modifications

When do the changes commence?

  • The NDIA have stated that changes will affect plans that are approved from the 11/02/20 onwards
  • A message will appear to NDIS participants and providers on the NDIS myplace portal to advise that unspent funds will remain available for 90 days following a plan review being completed

Changes discussed above can be confirmed on the NDIS website by clicking here.

So, what impact could these changes have?

It is understood that these changes will affect NDIS participants and providers in a positive way.

For SDA & SIL recipients / providers:

  • NDIA staff shouldn’t need to manually increase service bookings – providers shouldn’t need to wait to access participant’s service bookings (or ask for the NDIA to create them) and furthermore, nor wait for funds to become available to claim
  • providers should now be able to see participant’s service bookings are updated automatically and have instant access to funds when needing to claim for services already delivered to the participant
  • reduced financial burden for service providers as the cost of delivering supports should not need to be carried by the business if funding is already available

For all NDIS participants and providers:

  • Participants and providers will have time to make payment requests (for the dates of the previous plan) using funds from previous plans…..i.e if payments haven’t been claimed for the last 90 days of a plan, they can now be claimed!!
  • Providers/participants shouldn’t need to contact the NDIA Provider Payment team in attempt to claim funds from the last 90 days of a previous plan (or carry this financial burden)…..this has got to be a win!


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