Seeking DE’s to participate on DE Panel during Orientation Week

It is this time of year when a new cohort of students commence in the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education. The DEAI is again collaborating with Flinders Uni to arrange a panel of Developmental Educators during Orientation Week.
We are seeking approx 4 Developmental Educators to participate.
The aim is to share your experiences with the students about your career to provide them with an insight into the profession they are about to study. It is an informal presentation of approx 5-10 mins (you will receive some guidance as to the content) and a Q&A session.
Students very much value the insights they gain through this session and for panelists it is a chance to support the profession and inspire the next generation of DE’s.
Date Wed 21st Feb, 10.00-11.00am @ Flinders Uni, Bedford Park. If you are interested, please contact us on as soon as possible, and further details will be provided to you.