DEAI Vision and Mission Statements

DEAI Vision Statement

The vision of the DEAI is to promote the profession of Developmental Education within the human services.

Developmental Educators aim to empower people with disabilities and their families to achieve social inclusion within the community, and to maximise their quality of life through the promotion of life skills development.


DEAI Mission Statement

It is the DEAI’s mission to:

  • Represent Developmental Educators as their professional association.
  • Maintain common registration for all Developmental Educators.
  • Further a national association network in Australia for Developmental Educators.
  • Provide an accessible forum and networking / meeting place for Developmental Educators.
  • Promote the highest standard of professional conduct and practice of Developmental Educators.
  • Promote the continuing professional education of Developmental Educators.
  • Promote the profession Developmental Education to the general public.
  • Collaborate with Universities and agencies in the disability sector and wider human services for the promotion and exposure of Developmental Educators.


Constitution Developmental Educators Australia


The DEAI has finalised its Business Plan 2019-2021 which is now available for members. We have been working to realise some of the objectives for many years, but it is great to have this document to report against in the future. Feel free to provide us with your thoughts and feedback.


DEAI Business Plan 2019-2021