Submit Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

On 1st July 2019 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) was made mandatory for all full members with the DEAI and is required for renewal of membership.

CPD is a crucial requirement for provider registration with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to ensure high professional standards and practice. The DEAI is a recognised professional body by the NDIA, and endorses this requirement.

The CPD program is designed to increase the knowledge, skills and professionalism of Developmental Educators. The aim of the program is to maintain, improve and strengthen knowledge, expertise and competence, and to aid in the development of and maintenance of personal and professional skills. Undertaking CPD contributes to a high level of competence required to undertake the complex work in the field of disability, and safeguards individuals with disability and their families.

As the self-regulated professional body for Developmental Educators, the DEAI is responsible for protecting the credibility and integrity of the profession and expects Developmental Educators to undertake professional development activities in order to achieve and maintain both competence and conduct of the highest professional standard, which reflects current thinking and approaches in the field of disability.

The CPD Guidelines and Record provide information about how the CPD program is implemented. Please read this carefully as it contains information about the type of CPD activities that can be undertaken, how many CPD points have to be submitted upon renewal of membership, and how this is done. It also contains information about random auditing of members, making it important to retain evidence of all recorded CPD activities.

Any relevant professional development that has been undertaken during the yearly membership cycle, can be added to the CPD Record.

Please note that membership will only be renewed once the CPD Record has been submitted, which is to be done within 5 days of submitting the membership renewal, and has been approved by the Professional Development Officer.

You can download a copy of the updated CPD Guidelines and Record below:


CPD Guidelines & Record for Developmental Educators



When membership is due for renewal, the completed CPD Record can be submitted using the CPD Submission Form below:


CPD Submission Form



Once the CPD Record has been approved, members will receive a new Membership Certificate indicating compliance with the CPD program. For any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on


Where can I find information about professional development opportunities?

The DEAI is aware that, in this current climate with COVID 19 restrictions, it is difficult for our members to access face to face professional development.

There are a number of alternative options, which we recommend: