Human Rights based PBS

The International Journal of Developmental Disabilities has published a special issue: ‘positive behaviour support: moving toward a human rights based model of support’

“The human rights model of disability recognises that disability is a natural part of human diversity that must be respected and supported, that people with disabilities have the same rights as everyone in society, and that disability must not be used to deny or restrict peoples’ rights (Lawson and Beckett, 2021). Today, communication, education, healthcare, recreation, and employment are considered to be fundamental human rights for all, and integral to a fair and just society. However, people with disabilities still struggle to access appropriate communication, education, healthcare, recreation, and employment. Given these challenges, we consider it important for researchers and practitioners to further explore how PBS might be delivered in ways that are consistent with the human rights model of disability.”…/10…/20473869.2023.2162705